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5 Must-Haves For Your LV Kitchen Remodel

5 Must-Haves For Your LV Kitchen Remodel

So, you’re thinking about undergoing a large kitchen renovation to update your existing kitchen space and add value to your home. But you don’t want to do just any renovation; you want to end up with a high-end, gourmet kitchen that will have you cooking like a professional chef. If this is the case, then we’ve got a few ideas for some gourmet kitchen “must-haves” that you’ll want to consider.

1. A Walk-In Pantry

No gourmet kitchen is complete without a walk-in pantry, which allows you to keep a stockpile of all of your favorite spices, snacks, and other ingredients on-hand at all times without having to worry about running out of space. If your existing kitchen design doesn’t have a walk-in pantry, be sure to speak with your contractor about the possibility of working one in. Even if you have a smaller kitchen space, it may be possible to make it happen.

2. Stone Counter Tops

These days, any high-end kitchen needs beautiful, durable countertops that will last for many years to come. Specifically, we recommend natural or manufactured stone countertops, such as granite or quartz, for any gourmet kitchen. Quartz Countertops are manmade and typically monotone in pattern, but they are maintenance free.  Granite requires some maintenance but has natural beauty and is less uniform in pattern.  Prices of these can vary depending on manufacturer or rarity of stone, so do your research.

3. A Quiet Dishwasher

How annoying is it to not be able to hold a conversation in your own kitchen due to a loud dishwasher? With your kitchen renovation, then, it’s time to upgrade to an ultra-quiet dishwasher model. These days, stainless steel appliances are ideal for any gourmet kitchen, and while you shop for a quiet dishwasher, be sure to check for its decibel rating. The lower the dbA rating, the quieter your dishwasher will be while it’s running.

These days, it’s possible to find dishwashers that are as quiet as a whisper–literally. You need one of these for your gourmet kitchen, especially if you like to do a lot of entertaining. We offer name brand appliances and installation.

4. A Built-In Wall Oven

Wall ovens are very popular in gourmet kitchens, and for a number of good reasons. For starters, a built-in wall oven allows you to have the convenience of having your oven at waist-level, making it easier to insert and remove food while cooking. Not to mention, if you have children, a wall oven can be placed outside of a child’s reach for added safety.  With wall ovens, you can also enjoy added storage by installing cabinets above, below, and to the sides of the oven. This is great for maximizing storage for pots, pans, casserole dishes, and the like.

5. A Deep, Under-mount Sink

Last but not least, your gourmet kitchen needs a deep, under-mount sink. An under-mount sink is a desirable feature in any modern kitchen because, rather than sitting on top of your counter tops, an under-mount sink fits underneath the counters, thus increasing your counter space and resulting in a more seamless appearance.

A deep sink (such as a farm sink) will also make filling pots and cleaning out large dishes easier than ever.

These are just a few must-haves that we think would go perfectly in any gourmet kitchen. With these luxurious features, you can truly make the most of your kitchen renovation. For more ideas or for assistance with your upcoming kitchen remodel, feel free to contact us to make and appointment with one of our talented and courteous interior designers and estimators. We’d be happy to assist you in achieving the kitchen of your dreams!