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Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances

Thermador Custom Appliances
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When choosing new luxury kitchen appliances for your new residence or remodel it is much like selecting a new car. You can add as many bells and whistles as your budget allows. Of course, a smart shopper will only add features that they need and will use. Below are just a few things to consider.

Remember that your kitchen appliances make up one of the largest investments in your home, so you want to make sure that they meet the needs of your lifestyle. You’ll need to look at all various options, including energy saving, cost and functionality. Here are some guidelines to help you select the right appliances for your new kitchen or kitchen remodel project. 

A fair amount of thought should be taken in selecting your cooking appliances. The design of your kitchen will dictate whether you need a range, cooktop or wall oven. And of course your preference for cooking with gas, induction or electricity will determine the type of fuel you’ll need.

We offer a wide variety of luxury appliance brands for your kitchen renovation project and you can come see and feel the models for yourself in our Las Vegas remodeling center.

We offer an effective collection of appliances that include a single and double wall oven, dual fuel and gas range, gas cooktop, microwave and dishwasher that are on par with their luxury-level appliances.

When planning out your new kitchen design make sure you don’t forget about your ventilation system, especially if you have a small kitchen. You can select from overhead hoods or downdraft systems depending on the size and type of your stove or cooktop.

Typically the size of your family and your families lifestyle will dictate the type of dishwasher you will need to make your life easier. Some important considerations are capacity (be sure the racks inside meet your cooking needs), energy-efficiency, stainless steel, quiet mode, delayed start, warranty and budget.

No matter what your appliance dreams or needs are at Element Cabinet Design we can provide all the elements for your families kitchen. Get in touch today and schedule a no obligation design center appointment