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What’s New for Kitchen Cabinets Trends in 2020?

Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs for 2019
Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs for 2019 by Element Cabinet Design in Las Vegas

Storage space is an important and key thought that should be planned out for your kitchen space and this usually translates into kitchen cabinets, soft closing drawers, and shelves or lazy Suzan’s. However, the style of your kitchen cabinetry is also important. These two components are important to keep in mind when choosing kitchen cabinets because they occupy a large amount of visible space in the kitchen. The style and design of the cabinets has a significant impact on the overall design and in the end, functionality of your new kitchen.

In the past few years, minimalism has become growing popular. Many kitchen designers tend to choose select cabinets that are sleek and seamless that one hardly recognizes the space as a kitchen or a cabinet at all until the modern cabinet designed are opened to reveal what’s inside. 

That being said, not all homeowners prefer this modern kitchen design and look, choosing a bit more traditional look for their kitchen cabinets and but still keeping the look stylish. Today these goals are not hard to achieve, as kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of styles. 

For the year 2020, we have come up with 5 different design options you can focus your new kitchen or home remodel around when it comes to your cabinets. The first of these design options is Custom Colors. Sign up for our blog notifications and be the first to read next weeks blog post!

Custom Cabinet Colors

It’s pretty common if you get inspiration for your kitchen design by looking through remodeling websites and copying kitchen designs and trends as closely as possible as you design your own space. This can be a good way to also show your designer or contractor exactly what you desire to build in your own home.

To put a unique spin to an established design, go for a custom color for your new cabinets so that your look will be unique. Our home design showroom has every color you can imagine and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can special order to your desires.

Dark colors such as copper red, charcoal, and petrol green are becoming more and more popular as we head into 2020, so you might want to consider those for your kitchen cabinets. 

However, if dark is not your speed, you can go for yellow gold or clay for a warmer feel in a smaller kitchen.

Wood tones have been popular the past few years and are showing promise for kitchen cabinet designs in 2020. We also expect to see more black cabinets. Blues, greens, daring dark hues, its all on the table for your new kitchen cabinet design.

Get in touch today for a no obligation design center appointment and let one of our friendly and courteous staff members help you design your new home interior space!

Check back in next week where we will review different wood species for your new cabinet designs.