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What’s New for Kitchen Cabinets Trends in 2020? Part-4

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For the year 2020, we have come up with 5 different design options you can focus your new kitchen or home remodel around when it comes to your cabinets. So far we have discussed Custom Colors, Cabinet Wood Selections and Transitional Cabinetry. Sign up for our blog notifications and be the first to read next week’s blog post!

This week we will cover Thermafoil Cabinets

If you are a busy homeowner with a small kitchen, this may be the new product you have been looking for. Sleek and seamless, especially when working in small spaces is pretty much how homeowners and designers alike describe Thermafoil. 

There is no doubt that the minimalism movement is the influence behind this look for 2020. Kitchen cabinet trends in 2020 are flat and slab style of cabinets because they make rooms look larger. This kitchen cabinet style also looks cleaner. In fact, they are easier to keep clean because of the lack of corners and crevices. 

Consider Thermofoil or laminated cabinets if your trying to keep things simple or if you have a smaller simpler kitchen. 

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Check back next week where we finish our 5 part serious for 2020 kitchen design trends.