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What’s New for Kitchen Cabinets Trends in 2020? Part-5

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For the year 2020, we have come up with 5 different design options you can focus your new kitchen or home remodel around when it comes to your cabinets. So far we have discussed Custom Colors, Cabinet Wood Selections, Transitional Cabinetry and Thermafoil Cabinets. This week we finish out our 5 part series for February 2020 with multiple color cabinetry.

In 2020 a new trend emerging for kitchen cabinets is to mix and match cabinets and cabinet colors. This is a great way to achieve diversity, because it is easier to make your kitchen look unique despite having flat or slab cabinet door styles.

Typically, the best way to approach a multi-colored look is to choose one color for wall cabinets, a transition color for countertops, and a complementary color for the base cabinets. 

You can also choose ultra-modern Thermofoil cabinets we discussed in last month’s blog post but in a bold color such as red for the wall and base cabinets, and perhaps a wood-grain look for the kitchen island cabinets. The design options are endless honestly.

When you contact us to help you plan your kitchen remodel, the first thing we will do is give you a free design consultation and quote. 

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