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COVID-19 – take advantage of downtime and plan YOUR HOME remodel

COVID-19 – take advantage of downtime and plan YOUR HOME remodel

Don’t let COVID-19 be a negative experience! Now is a perfect time to design and schedule a home renovation! With tax returns already in the bank or soon to be on the way, use the COVID-19 quarantine to remodel your home.

Element Cabinet Design is now scheduling virtual in-home visits and home remodeling showroom appointments but with a new approach and new steps in place to keep everyone safe while COVID-19 passes. 

It’s important to remain proactive and positive through uncertain times and to ask ourselves how should we align ourselves to get back to normal as quickly as possible once the government and COVID-19 signal that the path is clear.

For Element Cabinet Design in Las Vegas, this means getting projects that were put on hold restarted as quickly and efficiently as possible as to minimize any affects that COVID-19 has created. Any appointments that were delayed will be scheduled out on a first come first serve basis and our home interior designers and estimators expect it will be a very busy time.

How can you take advantage of this COVID-19 mandatory shut-down?

Material lead times can sometimes take 4-8 weeks from the time the project is contracted until actual remodel of your home begins. If you are considering a project for this year, now is a fantastic time to take advantage of the extra time you have. We will build your custom cabinets and countertops and have them ready to install so you can start planning now if that is what makes sense for you and your family. 

Schedule A Virtual Design and Estimate Today

In just a few minutes we can walk through your project and guide you in taking proper measurements so that we can begin the process of your new home remodel. This will allow our design and estimating team to provide you options and budgets for your new home renovation. We can do all this virtually or schedule a safe appointment in our home design center in Las Vegas. We have taken new measures to keep us all safe!

By deciding to use this time wisely and plan your new home renovations your family will be weeks ahead of the game and ready to start your project once the COVID-19 quarantine is lifted.

Contact us and let us know your goals! – One of our professional and courteous staff members will contact you to gain more information and begin to work with you on your new home remodeling goals. Schedule a meeting in our showroom either virtually or in person. In the meantime, our design and estimating team will create your budget and send you some product ideas then we’ll have another discussion, this time with us in the showroom.

Once you are happy with the design and estimate we will discuss next steps and schedule a tentative installation date depending on how this new COVID-19 scenario plays out.

Stay safe and still schedule design center meeting. Here are the steps, we are taking in the showroom to keep everyone safe!

First and foremost, with Element Cabinet Design communication is key. Our professional and courteous staff is speaking with clients before every meeting and to all clients who currently have work in progress and creating custom solutions that suit their needs as we all deal with the COVID 19 issue.

Our Staff

All of the staff at Element Cabinet Design have been proactive and helpful during these challenging times. Our home interior designers and estimators can work from home if needed and are encouraged to do so. All our full time staff are provided with health insurance and are monitoring their health for even mild illness for which they will stay home if necessary.

As you can see, Element Cabinet Design in Las Vegas Nevada is taking all the necessary steps to keep us all safe during the COVID-19 situation. Please be wise and use this time proactively. Let us know if we can assist you with your future home interior design and remodeling project.

Get in touch today.