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Plan your remodel during the COVID19 Shut down

Plan your remodel during the COVID19 Shut down

Any plans you had for this weekend are most likely canceled, but as people continue to find ways to stay busy during these times, why not use that time to plan that home renovation or upgrade you have been dreaming of.

Don’t let the Corona Virus lock down get you down, instead get your creative juices flowing and tidy of the home. Perhaps you need more cabinet storage or perhaps you wish to completely remodel your home. 

From a simple bath remodel to a sophisticated complete kitchen make over, Element Cabinet Design and our team of remodeling professionals are here to help. 

We are developing new ways to deal with the COVID19 restrictions here in Nevada – but you can rest assured once the Corona Virus restrictions are lifted here in Clark County, we will be ready to install your new home remodeling materials.

We have a complete home design center so you can see exactly what you are getting. 

Why wait? Get your creative juices flowing and start planning that remodel today!