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COVID-19 – Final design stage – now what?

COVID-19 – Final design stage – now what?

Have you spent months planning your home remodel and you’re ready but now what

It could actually be good news if your home remodel has not begun yet because it is likely to have less impact on your home remodeling project. 

The beginning stages of a project are easier to coordinate such as demolition and so if this lockdown affects us, it is not as difficult to coordinate multiple finish crews. Your Element Cabinet Design field supervision will have plenty of time to reschedule the early stages of your remodeling project again from home if for some reason we are not to be on the project. 

This also means that you will not have portions of your remodel halfway complete and then restarted later. This presents less opportunity for any mistakes that could potentially occur from starting and stopping out of the normal construction schedule.

However, there may be some down side as well. If you have invested a lot of time and effort choosing your interior finishes and furniture. The COVID 19 shut down may actually cause some materials to be on backorder. 

For some projects, this may present a problem, however, Element Cabinet Design offers a very wide variety of options and manufactures so our team may recommend alternative selections if this does occur. You can rest assured our team will work progressively and aggressively to avoid any delays without sacrificing quality of materials and workmanship.

Lastly, this new time and development makes it difficult to predict what the future will hold and when life will get back to normal as we know it. Because of this, we recommend placing all orders as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

Get in touch today to discuss how Element Cabinet Design can assist you with your home remodel during this Corona Virus Pandemic.