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5 New Kitchen Remodeling Trends for summer

5 New Kitchen Remodeling Trends for summer

When thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you may want to consider the ongoing trends. It is alwasy a good idea to check out the kitchen cabinets and countertop designs that are trending in the market. Some of the trends that you can consider while remodeling your kitchen are as follows:

1. Cabinet designs

When you plan on installing custom cabinets in your kitchen, you should consider the color combination in your kitchen. You can opt for darker shades of your kitchen cabinets if you are looking for some drama! You can also opt for mellower designs if you want the cabinets to blend in with your kitchen’s overall design. Before selecting a particular kitchen design for the cabinets, check out the showrooms in your neighborhood to get a better idea of the trending designs.

2. Kitchen countertop

Another essential part of your kitchen is the countertop. It is necessary to install a countertop that is easy to maintain. You can always opt for granite countertops or quartz countertops. These are high-end countertops but are also easy to maintain. Once installed, you will not have to worry about these getting damaged due to spills and high heat. These countertops also do not get damaged by sharp objects. Because knives and scissors which are likely to be lying on your countertop. 

3. Kitchen flooring

If you are remodeling your entire kitchen, you must change the flooring of your kitchen as well. Homeowners nowadays are opting for antiskid tiles on their kitchen floors to give it a modern and chic appearance. You can check out the tile flooring options available by visiting the home design showroom. You will get to see the latest designs and shades of kitchen tiles, and you can easily select a style that suits your kitchen’s overall design.

4. Making space for gadgets

When you remodel your kitchen, check the appliances that you would like to install in your kitchen. To give it a modern and upscale appearance, you should install the latest gadgets and smart appliances, like Wi-Fi operated Instant Pot or a Wi-Fi operated toaster. If you are planning to install smart appliances in your kitchen, then plan the kitchen design so that you have sufficient space for the gadgets.

5. Installing windows

Your kitchen should also be a fully open space that allows you to connect with the outside. To install full windows in the kitchen that also allows natural light to enter your kitchen. This will brighten the whole space. After all, your family will spend most of the time in the kitchen whenever they are home, so it will be a good idea to expose them to natural light.

Thus, redesigning your kitchen can be fun. But you should always acquire the help of experts while doing so. So when you plan on remodeling your kitchen, get in touch with experts in this field, visit their showrooms, and then start remodeling your kitchen as per their advice.

If you have questions or think you could use help, we have a full design showroom in Las Vegas where you can come in, talk to us in person, see and touch the products we sell and see the quality of our craftsmen. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment or simply come on in.