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Custom cabinet trends in 2020

Custom cabinet trends in 2020

A custom cabinet is a cabinet or a storage solution measured and designed to fit the space where it is to be installed. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor; it can also be designed to deck up the corners of the room. New design trends in the cabinets are rolled out every new year. Following these trends can help understand how the custom cabinets can bring a novelty to the looks of the houses and other installation sites. Take a look at these custom cabinet trends 2020 that can help you give a stylish yet sustainable makeover to your personal or workspace.

Deep drawers and advanced modular design compact does not mean lacking in space anymore. The new cabinet design trends give a lot of importance to space-efficiency. Users of custom cabinets want to extract the maximum storage. That is why they pick the designs that can provide a lot of space with the added advantage of folding and unfolding the unit according to the purpose. Making the room beautiful and elegantly designed becomes possible with the advanced modular cabinets that are designed, keeping the type of materials in mind. Thus, the latest trend is that of the cabinet designs with deep drawers and well-demarcated compartments. With such kind of storage solutions, shelf-life of the things become more comfortable to maintain well.

  1. Woodgrain textures

The world of cabinets is moving back to basics. The makers want the products to look like they are directly carved from a freshly processed log. Thus, the modern makeover involving custom cabinets installation is seeing the use of lots of grainy textures in the panels. The overall look of the cabinet looks classier and original in design. So, this trend is catching up quite fervently. Apart from wooden, grain texture, the two-tone panels are also finding a place in the 2020 cabinet design catalogs.

  1. Soft colors 

Gaudy or flashy colors leave the scene, and these are being replaced by soft and sophisticated hues like blue, grey, white, or off-white. Apart from these soft colors, the shades that give something similar to a natural wood tone are made to the design selectors’ checklist. The soft colors help achieve better looks; these allow the room to look spacious too. Also, the inhabitants need some calm-inducing elements in their space; soft colors add to this factor appreciably.

  1. Multi-utility cabinets

Makers are leaving it up to the buyers how they want to use the cabinets. They are enabling this flexibility of choice by providing multi-utility designs. Open-shelf cabinets seem to be a step in this direction. The makers design the partitions in quirky patterns to add to the looks, besides offering the ease and convenience of use. This feature fills the space with purposefully designed cabinets allowing users to gain more out of their investment.

These are the top 4 custom cabinets trends that are making rounds among furniture designers in 2020. Take a cue from these and get yourself a cabinet that helps to keep up with the present times.

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