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Top Bathroom remodeling Trends for 2020

Top Bathroom remodeling Trends for 2020

The bathroom happens to be one of the most used yet quite traditionally-designed spaces in our homes. Bathroom remodeling does not mean you need to shell thousands of bucks out on expensive bathroom finishes. Just follow the trend and transform your old bathroom into a modern-style and elegant bathroom. Here, we are presenting the top 4 bathroom remodeling trends for 2020. Let’s take a look:

Open Showers

Starting as a necessity for compact and small bathrooms, open showers have become one of the latest trends. An open shower is the best way to have a minimalist-style bathroom. It helps you save some space while enhancing the bathrooms’ curb appeal. 

Add Natural Elements

One of the least decorated spaces in your home is your bathroom. With fewer accessories and neutral color walls, most traditional design bathroom looks quite outdated. You can definitely add some modern finishes and accessories to liven up your bathroom. Try something natural instead. You must be wondering how it is possible to incorporate natural elements into your bathroom. Well, that is one of the bathroom remodeling 2020 trends.

You can use plants to add some refreshing colors to your bathroom. It would be best if you tried potted plants. They look quite cool and rejuvenating. 

Vintage Touch

Trend-setters tend to look back when it comes to starting a new trend. Home décor is not an exception. With more and more families adapting to the vintage and retro-style bathrooms, this trend could soon be dominating the bathroom renovation industry. If you would like to give your bathroom a retro touch, add variations of wood. You can combine some modern appliances with traditional bathroom renovation products.

To create a vintage style bathroom, you only need to replace your modern bathtubs and mirrors.

Nude Colors

Gone are the days when pink and bright colors were used to decorate bathrooms. Nowadays, homeowners pick nude colors to create a minimalist look. The main advantage of using nude colors is that it drives your guests’ focus towards the fixtures, appliances, and lights. You can also try a blend of some nude colors with vivid tones.

If you are looking for guidance on your next home remodeling project, give us a call and come into our new home design center today. We look forward to serving you.