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Granite Kitchen Countertops, Types of Edges and Styles of Granite

Granite Kitchen Countertops, Types of Edges and Styles of Granite

Kitchen countertops are the primary character providers to the cooking space of the house. Of various materials, granite has proved to be one of the most affordable yet stylish options for the countertops. Granite is easy to implement in multiple designs and can adopt a lot of styles to seamlessly with the look conceived for the kitchen space. There has been an upsurge in the types of edges created using granite that matches the varied preferences people show in kitchen designing. Let’s take a look at the versatility-promoting qualities of granite.

Granite kitchen countertops – various looks

Granite kitchen countertops are the ideal choice for the house’s energy zone as it offers natural look and brilliance of styles as well. The countertops can be of three styles:

  1. Polished countertops: The sparkling clean look of the polished countertops make these the preferred choice of cleanliness fanatics. Countertops with glossy finish offer a stain-proof platform to work. These can be maintained easily and look fresh for years. The only drawback is the requirement of sealing at times and re-polishing after a few years.
  2. Honed: This countertop style offers a satin look to the surface, but has a matte style finish. It does not ooze much gloss, and so, a little less cleaning will not look bad. The ease of maintenance and high on style make this countertop a perfect option for a kitchen buzzing with action.
  3. Leathered granite: The main characteristics of this countertop include brushed, antique finish, to start with. It emphasizes the natural look still does not allow imperfections to surface up.

Types of edges 

Edges offer an excellent pretext to experiment with various looks of the granite countertops. Keeping the kind of inmates using the space in mind, the designers suggest choosing from the following types of edges.

  • Bevel edge: A 45-degree bevel along the top defines this edge. It is further complemented with slightly rounded or eased out edges in the bottom. This edge type gives a stylish finish and gives a designer look to the platform.
  • Eased edge: Simplicity has got no competition, neither eased edge has! The straight, flat top and only slightly rounded edge give kitchen countertops a no-nonsense look and are the safest choice that perfectly fits all ambiances.
  • Ogee: A concave arch at the top that takes somewhat convex shape at the bottom forms the basis of this edge design. Ogee is the second most popular edge style after eased edge and complements traditional spaces well.
  • Bullnose: This edge is loved by the people who like well-chiseled platforms. This edging is round from top to bottom and gives a feel of a rounded slab fitted on the top.

Styles of granite

Mostly, the styles are differentiated based on color. For example, Ubatuba granite is very dark-colored. Santa Cecilia granite can have varying shades, but the base will always be creamy or off-white. Giallo Ornamental granite is loved for its distinct golden creamy color and in trending high in 2020. 

Granite countertops are versatile elements that can give kitchen spaces a beautiful upliftment in looks and are quite durable. Choose them, keeping the space style in mind to extract its versatility the best.