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Ways to keep the kitchen clean during COVID-19

Ways to keep the kitchen clean during COVID-19

Despite the COVID 19 tragedy bringing an entire world to a halt, it is of no surprise that our kitchens are still running. On the contrary, even the ones put on shut mode once given the availability of online food delivery options are now gladly catering to the entire family. Hence it becomes essential to take care of the kitchen and keep it as hygienic as possible.

Here are a few tips that might come handy while working in the kitchen and maintaining the required cleanliness.

Best ways to keep the kitchen clean during COVID19:

Since the errand of grocery shopping is inevitable even during a pandemic, it is highly critical to ensure the bags or the purchased items do not end up being the virus carriers. Hence we suggest you wipe each item carefully with warm water before cooking. There are special disinfectants available that could be used solely to clean the vegetables or packed stuff

Although the counter slabs and the gas stove always needed regular cleaning, now is the time to become consistent. Without fail, ensure that you clean your kitchen slabs alongside the gas stove because the possibility of germs settling there is considerably higher. We recommend wearing gloves before indulging in any cleaning task. Gloves are a great pair of safety measures

Wash your hands more frequently than you did before. If, for some reason, you are resenting gloves, make a habit of washing hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer before and after cleaning the vegetables. It is no secret that apart from inhaling the wrong air, hands are another way to carry germs home with you. It is a good practice not to touch any part of your face while out, clean your hands immediately once you reach, and then get onto unpacking your groceries.

The refrigeration of food items would mean preserving the virus on these food items longer. However, the storage of perishable items is inevitable. Especially during a pandemic, when running to the store every day puts one on a higher risk of catching the novel coronavirus, buying grocery in a large quantity is wise. We suggest being extra careful with items requiring storage and cleaning them carefully before shoving into the fridge.

Do not rely on natural products such as vinegar or baking soda but buy alcohol-based disinfectants instead of cleaning the kitchen’s surroundings. The use of specially produced disinfectants would ensure effectiveness and kill the viruses better.

Guidelines being shared by the authorities regularly:

Please pay attention to these since the unraveling of how the novel coronavirus could make its way inside your body is ongoing. Stay updated and follow the shared guidelines. They are to protect you and no from pressurizing you with its criticality. In the end, we are responsible for our safety, considering there is only so much that our government could do to protect us from the virus. Inside our homes, we have to be the warriors and not yield against it. Stay safe!