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Granite countertops and the options available

Granite countertops and the options available

Today in the market where there are plenty of options available for a countertop, granite effortlessly manages to top the list. The advantages of having a granite countertop installed are acclaimed worldwide, where granite has found its place in many households. Given the factors such as durability, strength, natural appearance, and the perfect edging granite agreeably stands out as a popular choice for your kitchen countertop. Before one could choose, it is essential to look at the installation options granite brings to the table thoroughly.

Top reasons to choose granite for countertops-

Availability of colors-

 The first impression granite gives its availability in different colors for you to select what suits the ambiance of your kitchen. These are natural-looking colors available in a range from subtle white to gorgeous dark slabs to give the kitchen an appearance of your choice.


 Since granite is one of the hardest stones, it isn’t going anywhere soon. The countertops made with granite are heat resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch proof. Hence with lesser damage comes lesser maintenance.


 Granite countertops require minimal maintenance since they are easily wiped, leaving an everlasting shine. The acid-resistant property of granite will ensure zero harm while cleaning using an acid. However, we suggest you keep the use of such acid as minimum as possible. Most of the marks would be easily wiped off using merely a wet cloth.

What are the options available?


 After the installation of granite, it is equally essential to give that perfect finishing as well. The right edge would play a supportive role in keeping the countertop easy functioning, safe, and durable. Edging is also responsible for bringing out an elegant look that goes well with the overall appearance.


 Getting a backsplash is a wise decision to protect the walls of your kitchen from unnecessary stains. If you have your countertop made of granite, we recommend using the same stone for a backsplash. Apart from its usage, the granite backsplash would blend perfectly with the countertop and leave a stunning appearance.


 Choosing the right amount of thickness plays an important role while putting up a countertop. Granite offers a choice in thickness for your new countertop. There are two standard options of 2cm and 3cm, and the selection solely depends on your requirement. The 3cm thick granites are often preferred over 2cm ones because that nullifies the need for extra lamination. Now you don’t mind saving on some extra money, do you?


Besides the all mentioned above, choosing granite countertops calls for being eco-friendly given their natural existence. We recommend classic black tops to achieve a look of style with elegance. It is trending and goes well with almost all shades of walls. It is an equally breathtaking experience to look forward to every time that you are in the kitchen. Have fun with chopping vegetables on a stunning looking top while cleaning is done in a jiffy.