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How to identify quality made cabinetry in the year 2020

How to identify quality made cabinetry in the year 2020

Quality holds great importance in almost all aspects of our lives, including kitchen cabinetry. Hence, it is essential to know what qualifies for quality made cabinetry. Besides the captivating appearance, a quality cabinet is durable and could last up to 20 to 30 years. The kitchen cabinetry of low quality shows signs such as trouble in closing the doors, sagging, scratches, and fading of the material used. There are ways one could spot a quality cabinet and make the right choice. 

Top ways to identify quality made cabinetry-

  •  While a kitchen cabinet is made mainly with both particleboard and plywood, the boxes made using plywood entirely are better lasting. Cabinets that are made with plywood provide strength and hold the weight of items correctly. Hence, we recommend selecting a kitchen cabinet built using plywood and no other material apart from that. Plywood is majorly responsible for the quality of cabinetry. Cabinets that are made with particleboard tend to deteriorate in a shorter duration. As a homeowner, you might find it troublesome to have to replace your cabinets sooner than you had expected.
  • How flexible the soft-close hinges are highly critical for quality cabinetry to have adjustable hinges to allow smooth movement of opening and closing the door. Soft-close hinges are 6-way adjustable and have a great mechanism built where your cabinet doors would open effortlessly for a more extended period. On the other hand, hinges of low quality would result in uneven doors and loose movement of the door’s opening and closing.
  • Drawer gliders ensure soft-close – The reason that your drawer opens and closes in silence is that they have high-quality gliders installed. To be able to hold heavyweight, the gliders used should be of superior quality. Poor quality gliders tend to weaken as time passes, and hence, you might witness a failed attempt at smoothly opening the drawer. The under-mount gliders are adjustable and provide full access to the entire drawer. At the same time, side-mounted gliders reduce the required storage spaces due to a reduction in the width. High-quality cabinetry would undoubtedly have under-mount gliders installed for the drawers.
  • Cabinets are better built inside the factory – The methods of putting a cabinet together inside a factory are effective and ensure absolute strength. These methods join the wood using dovetail joints so that the pieces stick together for a longer time.

Besides the general differences, the warranty period provides a fair idea about the quality your kitchen cabinetry is holding. While purchasing the cabinet, look for the parts mentioned above installed inside the cabinet. Allow yourself to check the quality by drawer opening and closing. There should not be particleboard used; instead, all plywood cabinets qualify for high-quality kitchen cabinetry in 2020. We recommend inquiring about any damages that your cabinet is prone to. Low-quality material used would result in the slow deterioration of the cabinet over the years. Choose wisely!

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