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Ways to Keep your kitchen covid free this holiday season

Ways to Keep your kitchen covid free this holiday season

Are you looking for ways to take care of your kitchen during COVID-19?

Taking care of your kitchen in the time of COVID-19 can be an undertaking, to put it lightly. We have put together a few useful tips that will help you clean your kitchen t this pandemic.

Soap and water are your first line of offense.
You might be washing your hand regularly with soap and water. But, did you try soap and water for the kitchen? If not, start cleaning with soap and water. Clean your kitchen shelves every day with just soap and water. Soap is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to kill viruses. Corona Virus or COVID19 is no different.

Disinfect, disinfect, and disinfect.
Everyone is raving about so many disinfectants suitable for your kitchen. You may be wondering which one to use? Just remember some quick tips to clean disinfect your kitchen.

The most important part of your kitchen is probably your countertops a where food is prepared and served. You should always be extra careful while cleaning them and know what types of cleaners to use. It’s a good idea to have your countertops sealed if you have a natural stone like granite.

Once you’re done cooking, don’t ignore the cleanup. Leftover splashes and spills from cooking should be cleaned up so they don’t build up. This way, you can make sure that your cooking areas stay sterile and ready for use the next time you are hungry.

Now come the equipment and utensils you use every day. It’s essential to clean them thoroughly as you use them to cook and eat and various other purposes. Use some soap and water to clean them whenever you use them.

Disinfecting groceries is essential too.
You may have a clean kitchen. But, what about the grocery you get from the store? Most of us visit the nearby grocery store once in two to three days. How can you make sure that we don’t bring anything home from the market? Once you are back from the store, don’t forget to wash all the fruits and vegetables you bought immediately. According to experts, we don’t need any sanitizer or soap for vegetables or fruits. Water is all you need to wash them. Before washing, get the fruits and vegetables out of the cans and boxes they come in and discard them. This way, you can reduce the risk of coming in contact with germs or viruses that may exist on the packaging.

Air-drying the kitchen surface is equally important.
Often we tend to use the kitchen slabs immediately after cleaning any kitchen surface with soap and water. Never forget that a wet surface can be a breeding field for germs. Once you are done cleaning, leave it for some time. Make sure that the surface is adequately dried.

We hope you found these tips and tricks for keeping your kitchen COVID free useful.

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