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Why are granite countertops so popular, and what are the benefits?

Why are granite countertops so popular, and what are the benefits?

Granite countertops have been a popular trend for some time now. It is probably something you will find in any modern kitchen. Be it a residential apartment or home, a restroom in a retail store, or a break room in a doctor’s clinic, granite countertops are everywhere. Even luxury hotels are no different these days. They use granite tops for almost all luxury rooms and suites.

A new granite countertop can make your home a completely new one for your guests and family members. They also add a fun and quirk factor to your house. You get an exciting yet elegant look that might satisfy everyone’s taste. The basic functionality, look, and durability: you get everything in one product. That’s what makes it everyone’s favorite.

Let’s also talk about some benefits of granite countertops.

Value addition to your kitchen
When you use a granite countertop, you are getting an outdoor element inside your kitchen. Granite is a great value addition to your kitchen. If you want to sell your house ever, be sure that the granite counter will take the appeal of your home to the next level.

With granite, you are probably choosing the most durable stone-based countertops found in the market. It’s always a good idea to add a granite or stone sealer, which will last longer than other countertops available in the market.

Keeping germs and dirt away
When these countertops are sealed, the porous surface is filled in and detracting from places to go. There is hardly any chance of things, especially liquid going inside it. So, your countertop will be protected against bacteria or dirt, which tend to be a nuisance for most countertops. As things can’t get soaked in, you can chill about the cleaning part. However messy the counter might look like, you can clean it without exhausting yourself.

Chip or scratch
Though it’s nearly impossible to get a chip or scratch on the countertop, the exception is everywhere. Unfortunately, accidents like your favorite cast iron pot falling hard on your countertop to do happen. The result of such incidents often leaves a nasty and stubborn chip on the surface. However persistent the chip may look, a professional can fix it without any hassle. The expert first uses a putty of the same color and then reseal the surface once again.

You get that perfect flat countertop that you’re trying to find for the longest time. Granite countertops are just made for you.

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