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With the new year vibes setting in, have you been thinking about giving your kitchen a new look or remodeling your kitchen flooring? It’s significant to choose contemporary flooring that is durable and resistant to spills. Also, choosing attractive flooring adds value to your home.

Here are four top-notch trendsetting kitchen flooring styles for 2021.

1) Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is a sturdy style of flooring that comes in a wide array of options. This style showcases the natural beauty of the wood and makes any space appear warmer. It sparkles elegance to the whole place. Engineered wood flooring is considered a durable product. With a step up in durability, it offers high-class looks. With no refinishing required, engineered wood is often super easy to install by yourself. Rigid Core Engineered Wood features waterproof SPC (stone – plastic composite or stone-polymer composite) core and attached underlayment. This waterproof core lets you use wood in your kitchen without the apprehension of water damage. 

2) Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a style similar to regular hardwood. It is a very firm and long-lasting flooring. A reasonably expensive flooring style and is high-cost maintenance. Bamboo is a highly renewable and eco-friendly material. This type of flooring is pest-resistant and adapts itself to the climate. Bamboo is a highly weather-resistant material. Hence it has better durability than that of hardwood. Therefore, it makes a fitting option for kitchens.

3) Cork Kitchen Flooring

Granting easy maintenance, sound absorption, and warmth, cork is a smart, eco-friendly flooring option for many. Cork flooring is hypoallergenic. If you are a person with allergies or asthma, cork flooring can ease some of your symptoms. That’s because this flooring is smut and mold-resistant. Also, it includes natural anti-microbial properties. Hence it repels dirt and dust mites better than many types of flooring. This flooring handles everyday wear and tear much better than hardwood but is susceptive to dents. Cork is a natural insulator and doesn’t let heat escape. Its cellular structure holds the temperature of the room and scatters heat uniformly.

4) Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Many homeowners go for laminate flooring when it comes to the renovation of kitchens. Laminate is acknowledged to be one of the most versatile flooring options for the kitchen. You can also go for contemporary styles if you choose laminate flooring. Having several aesthetically pleasing options allows you to give your kitchen a makeover that feels personalized, chic, and incomparable. It is durable and easy to maintain. All you need to do is either just mop or sweep up messes whenever required. 


There are flooring alternatives for every taste and budget. The manufacturing materials used in these flooring determine their different features such as durability, resistance, ease of maintenance, and many such characteristics. Consider the style of your home decor. Choose the best kitchen floor according to your taste and your budget.

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