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Cabinet Trends for 2021

Cabinet Trends for 2021

Have you ever renovated your kitchen and then realized your cabinets look outdated when compared to the flooring? Whether you plan on coating or replacing them, let this piece of information serve as an impulse. Here is the key to 2021 cabinet trends on the surge and which ones are likely to stick around. Get ready to explore!

Everyone is looking to make their kitchen classic and modern as it is the core of the home. Many shoppers are opting out of traditional wall cabinets and using open shelving to showcase their fine, good-looking dinnerware. There has also been a boom in the mix and match of materials utilized for the very kitchen. For cabinet-finish, hues of white, gray, and blue are at the peak of the most demanded colors. 

You do not have to resolve the builder’s kitchen cabinet styles anymore. There are so many kitchen cabinet types to choose from a variety of options available in the market. As white, light, and bright colors continue to take over decor trends, more people opt for much more svelte and modern kitchen cabinets like open shelving, glass doors, etc.

Open Shelving Trend

Open shelving has been on the rise in the past year or so. As homeowners seek more convertible and space-efficient opportunities for small kitchens, cabinet doors have been coming off the hinges, and more usage of industrial kitchen shelving is on the go. Once upon a time, we all tried to sneak our kitchen supplies into any available cabinet. But now, these items are used as decors on open shelves. Open shelving has picked popularity in farmhouse kitchens as well as industrial kitchen styles. As long as the minimalist approach of simple shelving and displaying the kitchen items remain, this trend will continue. 

Open Frame Trend

Open frame kitchen cabinet doors are a golden-mean between open shelving and traditional cabinets. These cabinets highlight your kitchen decor using see-through glass panels. Traditionally, every kitchen had a few of these to display fine china or barware, but now many people are using these kitchen cabinets for everyday use. The illusion of open space intensifies the openness of big and brighter kitchens. Open frame cabinets can look more modern or more traditional, depending on the kitchen design.

Slab Door Cabinets

Slab cabinet doors are amazingly modern and sleek. Slab kitchen cabinets have flat and frameless fronts and sometimes come in more lustrous finishes. Glossy finish slab cabinet doors or wood finish slab cabinets are all over the place today. It’s part of the minimalist design trend nowadays. Slab cabinets modernize your kitchen and are especially popular in more small spaces. As millennials turn to middle-ground affordable furniture, slab cabinets will become more prevalent in homes.

Transitional design style

Transitional design style can be a highly illusory term. It’s the act of refurbishing or modernizing more traditional looks by pairing them up with more modern pieces. Transitional kitchen cabinets are a great way to give your kitchen a folkloric look without making it look outdated.

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