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Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, all of us started looking at our homes differently. We started realizing the importance of having a comfortable and safe space. A space where you can relax and spend time with family. The rise of home offices and remote working has also highlighted the importance of quality home design. Homeowners’ first area of interest became the kitchen. The heart of every home, good kitchen design is essential for strengthening family bonds and building memories. That’s why kitchen remodels are the first step to creating the home of your dreams.

To help you find new ideas for your next kitchen remodel, we consulted our team of experts. So read below if you want to find out more about cabinet remodeling trends for spring 2021:

As a design trend, wooden cabinets have been planting roots for years but never managed to find firm ground. Finally, this spring, they will become the most popular feature of a modern kitchen and to no surprise. Their smooth texture and unique patterns make home dining an extraordinary experience. If you want to keep up with the Joneses, choose light instead of dark wood. It will add more color, making the kitchen a happier and more enjoyable place.

We have to admit; this trend came as a surprise. Even though nobody expected it, more and more homeowners choose green for their bath and kitchen renovations, mainly because it’s the best color for inviting tranquility and positive feelings. The most exciting thing about sage green is that it matches everything, including warm and cool colors. This makes sage green cabinets an excellent addition to every kitchen style, whether retro, boho, modern or minimalist.

This kitchen design trend has genuinely started to shine during Covid. Homeowners love digging up old things from their past and incorporating them into their modern homes, from velvet cushions to brass fixtures and patterned tiles. So in 2021, one of the most common cabinet remodeling trends will be upcycling old cabinets and storage.
If you don’t have old furniture or décor, don’t worry! Many companies embrace the vintage and retro aesthetic, even creating new pieces inspired by styles from various decades.

The meeting point between practicality and vintage style is pantries. These vintage features, which remind us of childhood and family dinners, are perfect for safely organizing your food. You can even go an extra step and convert an entire closet into one big walk-in pantry.
Remember that you are not limited in terms of style and design. Just because pantries are an invention from the past doesn’t mean they can’t look like they come from the future.

As you can see, spring 2021 is all about experimenting in the kitchen. From patterned tiles to green cabinets, you can tell this year will be remembered in the history of kitchen design.

Release your creativity and find the perfect blend of your favorite features. A good example is gold handles mixed with marble countertops, vintage wooden cabinets, and handmade tiles.

There is a thin line between madness and genius, so try to balance while mixing and matching different textures and materials.

If you are looking for help with your design or remodeling project, make an appointment today with our professional and courteous staff.