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How COVID-19 HAS Changed Kitchen Remodeling In America

How COVID-19 HAS Changed Kitchen Remodeling In America

Over the past year, Americans have done many meaningful enhancements and improvements to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With most organizations taking up work from home, more people are cooking and eating at home. This whole new phase, in turn, has made kitchens the heart of family life. Not anymore just a place where one cooks dinner, the kitchen now demands to be a warm gathering space, too. Quarantine has obliged a step towards home-cooking that hasn’t happened in a while. The kitchen has become a space where families are now coming together, cooking unitedly, and dining mutually – all at home. Creating an all-in-one kitchen is crucial to turn these spaces into common gathering areas. The key is to create a place that will assist the multiple needs of many family members.

Here is a list of ways your kitchen will change post the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1) Instead of grocery shopping every day, we’re purchasing and stocking food at home. Refrigerators at home are vital for short-term fresh food and leftover storage. Freezers are crucial for long-term food preservation and quick-frozen foods. Hence, we’re going to pay more attention to refrigerator and freezer capacity. Also, dry goods are a low-cost alternative to feed your household. Pull-out racks and airtight storage containers are an apt way to store baking ingredients, cereal, and spices.

2) Post the COVID-19 phase, kitchens will be remodeled with easy-maintenance and cleanability as a top priority. Low maintenance cabinet finishes, coated finishes like smudge-resistants for appliances, countertops that are scratch and stain-resistant, and antimicrobial will become more popular.

3) Self-sanitizing kitchen appliances will become a mandatory option in all homes. Dishwashers and dryers are appliances that sanitize our dishes to keep our family safe. For homes with large kitchens, it’s helpful to have an extra dishwasher. Whether it is in the kitchen or even an outdoor space, having an additional cleaning facility is an added advantage. 

4)The COVID-19 pandemic has coerced us to think creatively about how we manage the food we have. With fewer grocery shopping trips, we’ve got used to making the stored food stretch further. Usage of Smart appliances helps consumers troubleshoot service issues, decrease food wastage, save money and conserve energy, and improve the way you cook.


As we continue to adjust ourselves to the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has made to our lives, we must redefine our homes as spaces of knowledge, existence, productivity, form, and function. The trends we see today are likely to remain for years to come. We are in a new era in which homes require to be luxurious, functional workspaces-remodeling within this new normal is a chance to create the perfect balance – in our homes and lives.

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