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Benefits of using licensed Contractor over Prefabricated Cabinet Companies.

Benefits of using licensed Contractor over Prefabricated Cabinet Companies.

Choosing a cabinet for your kitchen might be the highest expense of the entire renovation, if you choose the right product, the result will be the apparent visual proof of your investment, if you focus and compare some key factors, you can easily find the suitable cabinets for your dream kitchen.

Various cabinet suppliers provide their services and different cabinets, such as stock cabinets, prefabricated cabinets, and custom cabinets. 

IKEA is known for the mass production and supply of stock cabinets; they produce the predetermined sizes, textures, colors, and features. You can choose from their catalog that the product you select will be shipped to you from the IKEA warehouse. IKEA cuts the costs by using inexpensive materials with limited options.

If you opted for a prefabricated option, your order is produced and assembled at the factory, and your cabinets arrive ready for installation. Here you have a variety of choices in materials, colors, textures, and installation. You may spend less on installation because the cabinets are assembled and require fewer laborers for installation.

Custom Cabinets are produced and installed by a licensed contractor and typically based on custom design, size, material, textures, and features. Your custom order is crafted and delivered to you for installation. Because of the endless choices for materials and construction, the prices may vary. The costs are generally decided upon selecting design, material, labor, and contractor service approach.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Licensed Contractor over IKEA & Prefabricated Cabinets Companies?

There are many benefits of hiring a licensed contractor over sourcing the cabinets yourself from IKEA & other prefabrication companies. The contractor works as a single point of contact to take care of all the details, dimensions, quality of materials, fabrication, transportation, and installation.

Advantages of hiring a licensed Contractor.

Single point of contact

A licensed contractor is your single point of contact; he will plan according to your requirements and budget, hire the right people to carry out the job, obtain any necessary permits. You don’t need to procure yourself, employ third-party contractors, and run after them to complete your job. The contractor will arrange everything to the best of his knowledge and experience and hand over the project on time.

Custom Design 

Contractors also provide custom design services to the clients; custom design cabinets might be less expensive if you have an unusual layout or limited space. Prefabricated or stock cabinets might not fit well in a small kitchen space. You will need more laborers to do everything.

On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen space, you can utilize the extra depth and height for additional storage, stock, and prefab cabinets come in standard sizes and may not fit well, this forces you to spend extra money on custom adjustments, buying filler material and labors, and after all this, some space might be wasted as well.

Contractors providing custom design will deliver you high-end design services to save your time, money and bring life to your kitchen.


Another benefit of a licensed contractor is that you are free of the procurement process yourself. All you need to meet with the contractor and provide your requirements and the design will rest. If you go for a prefabricated company or Ikea, you will be in charge of the procurement process, which will consume a lot of time and resources.

Quality Control

Quality Control is another important aspect of any construction, especially in finishing works such as cabinet installation. The downside of the IKEA and prefab companies that they will provide you what you requested them with standard quality control mechanisms, if you mistakenly take a wrong measurement or draw a lousy sketch, all the project will fall into trouble,

The contractor is fully responsible for quality control. They appoint QA/QC staff to comply with Quality standards and hand over the project as per the standards specified in the agreement. By selecting a contractor, you are risk-free of losing money on any miscalculation. 

Proper Installation

Contractors have specialized teams for every department of construction. Suppose you hire a handyperson for stock or prefabricated cabinets. In that case, there are plenty of chances that some problems might occur during the installation because stock or prefab companies like Ikea provide standard dimensions. Suppose you have a large or tiny space. In that case, your handyman will try to fix things by techniques of his own, things might look odd, on the other hand, the contractor takes proper measurements, discuss the scope of work with the client, have an appropriate system of procurement, transportation, and installation, and also provide warranty of their work.

Qualified Practitioner 

A licensed contractor is a qualified practitioner to undertake the specified job. He is experienced with processing permits, inspections and knows well what to do to meet the job requirements. Furthermore, you will get better loan terms from the bank if you choose a licensed contractor. If you are looking to get a work warranty, it is only available with a licensed contractor.

If you are renovating the kitchen yourself, and something goes wrong, you are liable for the damages yourself. Still, if you hire a licensed contractor, everything will be covered under insurance. If a problem arises, the contractor liability insurance will cover it.

To conclude, a licensed contractor has almost all the solutions to run the project safely and hand it over successfully as per the project requirements and specifications.

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